Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We are now the first and only training facility in the state to offer the MyZone fitness monitoring system. What is MyZone?

MYZONE® is a chest strap and monitoring system that transmits heart rate, calories and effort in real time to a live display and wirelessly uploads that data to a logbook that can be accessed online or through the free MYZONE® Lite App.

MYZONE® is the only exercise tracking system in the world that is able to provide real-time feedback of exercise intensity as well as wirelessly upload exercise data that has been stored, making the technology simple and convenient for everyone to use.

I have been using MyZone every workout for the last week and it's AWESOME! The best feature is I can now monitoring my exertion level and rest between reps or movements. With a quick glance at the monitor I can see if I am physically recovered to keep moving or am I working as hard as I think I am. Also after each workout I get a report of my highest heart rate, lowest heart rate, average heart rate calories burned and a graph of my effort levels. I can also challenge to all other MyZone users. If weight loss is your goal what better way to track progress then to actually see your work effort in real time. If weight gain is your goal you can track calories burned to make sure your eating enough to build muscle. It's the perfect way to track and monitor your fitness level. 

All current LCF members can buy a fitness strap for $55 and add MyZone to there membership for just $25 a month! I have 2 demo straps for anyone to use and try during there workout. 

As always we will continue to make LCF the best and most innovative training facility in the state. 

Take a new scientific approach to your workout and see what you can do!

Here are are some of my results from the last couple workouts. 

Look at that 933 calories burned in one workout!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Aloha everyone. 

We will be open today at 8,9 and 4,5 and 6 wether permitting. Thanks and be safe today. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Jacked and Tan

We had the pleasure of having the one and only, Mark "Smelly" Bell teach a Deadlift workshop yesterday. It was great to see everyone take these tips and apply them in a Powerlifting WOD. We had several people break into the 400lb club and Nate added 40lb to his Deadlift! After the WOD, Mark and I got to talking about training and lifting and how CrossFit has changed the way people look at lifting. Before if you were a powerlifter or weightlifter you didn't need to do any conditioning. Bodybuilders hit a bunch of isolation, then some treadmill for 30 minutes. Endurance athletes just ran. Now there is a new breed of athletes; the CrossFitter! From the beginner to advanced, we're all now combining powerlifting, weightlifting, endurance and some bodybuilding movements!! It's awesome to see this everyday in the gym and I am constantly surprised by you guys and your mental and athletic achievements.

So no matter if your a Power Athlete, Oly Lifter, CrossFitter, KettleBell junky or just Functional Fitness Enthusiast, keep training and challenge yourself daily. Get out of the comfort zone and see what's possible! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New program!

Most of you have noticed some new toys around the gym like the assault bikes (I don't think anyone likes these) battling ropes, dumbells and there is more on the way. We got all this killer new stuff to go along with a brand new fitness monitoring system that should be here any day now. We will be adding a new program called ZONE TRAINING this will be a class specifically built around training in different heart rate zones to provide a new amazing workout. We are the first in the state to have this new system. The best part is we as trainers will be able to monitor each clients level of exertion at any moment durning the workout. As a client you will be emailed a detailed analysis of calories burned, time spent in the different heart rate zones, lowest HR and highest HR plus so much more! Each workout will be saved and logged so you can always access your workouts on the go. ZONE TRAINING classes will be different from regular CrossFit. We will have a completely different workout and use some different tools. ZONE will be the perfect complement to CF or can be done as your only means of exercise. The big difference is ZONE classes will not use barbells and will have more focus on cardiovascular training at high intensity levels. ZONE classes will be offered Monday through Friday at 10:30am and 3pm or Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri at 7pm. All current members can add unlimited ZONE TRAINING for only $50 per month and you get your own ZONE fitness strap. ZONE only classes will be $150 per month and you get your own ZONE fitness strap! Once I have everything set up everyone is invited to try 3 classes for FREE! 

Check out this video from Results Training center in California. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

No Afternoon Class 7/18/14

We are having our FOUR year anniversary tomorrow at 6:00 pm at the box! Everyone is invited!! 
So there will be no afternoon classes on Friday night! Come down and celebrate with us instead!! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A little reminder.

So summer is upon us! It's been a great summer so far with lots of visiting CrossFitters, great WODs, lots of high tempatures and a ton of sweat! Which leads me to my point...I don't mind working out in my own sweat puddle but I'm sure you don't want to do burpees in my sweaty area. So let's make sure we take the extra steps to spot mop your area and wipe down your equipment after class. I know we are all a little WOD drunk afterward but just grap some Lysol and a paper towel to clean your equipment. Let's also talk about excessive chalk use. How much chalk do you really need? Your hands do not need to be completely covered with a haze of chalk dust around you. Just put a little bit to absorb the moisture and your good to go. I really appreciate your help keeping the gym looking good!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

Friday July 4th we will only have our morning classes! Come in for a great HERO WOD! Then spend some time with family and friends. We will be headed up to Makawao for the rodeo if you would like to join us we will be meeting at pukalani superette to stock up on chili chicken, teri beef and some other goodies. Have a great day and weekend see you all for the awesome WOD tomorrow!